Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is Yomega step'n up their game?!

Per the new Yomega Fall 2010 Newsletter it looks like Yomega is starting to play more with the big boys. I, for one, am really stoked for this. Read for yourself and you be the judge....

Yomega 2011 release
Ok Team, your the first to know. Yomega is working on some new advanced, wing shapped, ball bearing models that will be released in 2011. Among them are a new wide gap H shaped yo-yo, some new metals and a plastic / aluminum hybrid with some really cool weighted rims. These yo-yos will be designed for advanced players and will be built to peform. To get the latest and most up to date information on when these yo-yos will be released, please sign up for our Twitter.
Silicone pads and plastic spacers!Ok Team, we heard you loud and "clear". We know you've been looking for certain things to help you customize Yomega's wing shaped models and now we've delivered. Yomega will soon offer clear silicone rubber pads for use in the Maverick, Dash and Hot Shot models. For those of you who like to tinker, this new pad will help you realize the play and performance your looking for.

For you Raider fanatics, Yomega has worked with some of the best looping pros in the world to design a new plastic spacer option for the Raider Ex yo-yo. With these new delrin spacers you'll be able to find that looping touch your looking for. Both of these new special parts will be available early next year. Thanks for giving us the feedback and support - it's much appreciated.

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