Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't Vote, It's Pointless!!!!

Well, once again it is voting time for many across this blindfolded chunk of land we call a country. People will take time out of their most likely busy day to make a decision on whom they feel represents their best interest. This is a joke, don't piss your time away. In the end there is this thing called the Electoral College, they make the final decision on who gets to "represent" you. All it is, is a pissing contest. Have you watched the campaign adds that are plastered all over the TV? It's 30 seconds of trash talk on their opponent, stating nothing of what they plan on doing for the people. Is this what we want running out states and country? This, among others, is the reason why I don't vote, it means nothing. Below are two videos of one of the funniest and smartest men to grace this countries entertainment world. He couldn't have hit the nail on the head any harder.

My boy Franky Frank is a pisser: Body In The Blender

A close friend of mine loves to sing silly songs.....but has a few serious ones too.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Studio Sessions: Bringing the next level. A short blog review

Studio Sessions is a Blog started by Miguel Correa and Tyler Severance promoting what they do best. Every video that has been posted to this blog has progressively exceeded the video before it (in leaps and bounds) and continues to make my brain hurt in unimaginable ways. Their last video, Studio Session 5, stepped it up to a whole new level for me, in my opinion, its their best video to this date. On top of the insane 1A and 5A friends that we have all come to love, they added none other than 2A champion Patrick Mitchell to the mix, once again, adding another level of excellence to something that is already thought to be perfect. In short, this blog is worth the time to follow and I guarantee you will not be disappointed, so check it out if you haven't already. www.studiosessionsblog.com 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

YoYoFactory and Me

Ok, first I would like to clear up that this is NOT a trash talk or a review post. This is just my search for that perfect YoYoFactory throw. YoYoFactory is a great company and they make amazing throws, they just don't ever fit my preferences.........until now.
When I started to throw again and was looking for a new throw I did a little Google'n and the first site I came across was YoYoExpert.com. Other than Duncan I never heard of any of the other brands but with in an instant, I fell in love all over again with yoyos. What really caught my eye was YoYo Factory's throws. Now of course the first ones I look at are ones I couldn't afford at the time, but I still loved their look. So for the time being I picked up a $15 Lyn Fury.
Months and months go by, as I get back into the swing of things, YoYoFactory put out the Die-Nasty. Now, Steve Brown is one of my favorite entertainers. I say entertainer because that's what he is, he doesn't just go up on stage and throw around a yoyo, he puts on a show. Come on, preforming in a shirt, tie, and a tutu...that's fucking priceless! So I decided to pick up my first YoYoFactory throw and at first I loved it but the more I played it, the more it started to not feel right. It had a bad tilt to it (I know they changed the design around the axle to make it more sturdy in the new Glow Die-Nasty so I might have to give this another try)and I thought it was my throw but every other yoyo I used it would play solid and straight. I had no problems with the shape of it, to be honest, it felt great in the hand, just played like ass for me. I felt that this yoyo put a bad taste in my mouth for YoYoFactory, were all their throws going to be like this for me? In the end, there was only one way to find that answer, try another one.
The next YoYoFactory I got my hands on was the Protostar. Everyone seemed to be loosing their minds over this throw and I have to admit, I loved the way it looked. After tax time this year I ordered one and when it came it looked so hot but once again, it just didn't feel right. Don't get me wrong, this thing played super smooth but the H shape just didn't feel right in my hand.
Ok, now this one I did like...A LOT....but didn't fully love. The famous C13! I picked this up in the B/S/T for $45 shipped and it was in awesome condition. This thing played grate but I found myself not playing it as much as I thought I would. Once again the look of this throw is what sold me on it (I've learnt to look at the specs more than anything now, lol). So I decided to trade it up for........
......A Skyline. The Green Monster edition to be exact. This trade was mostly because I wanted a throw with stacks on it and loved the fact that Godzilla was in the laser engraved image. But, it had a smiler shape to the Lyn Fury.....Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that I hated my Lyn Fury. So I was a little unsure if I was going to like it, but I did the trade anyway. It was once again, a smooth player but the stacks kind of slowed it down. Don't get me wrong, they were fun to play with, just over rated.
So I decided to see what I might be able to trade the Skyline for in the B/S/T. After scanning for a throw and knowing what preferences I like I found the BOSS. This was a fiasco to get, the mail sort of lost it, it took two weeks to get and I still had to go to the post office to pick it up. It was worth the wait! The first time I put it in my hand it felt like an old friend coming back into my life. It was just what I needed to feel better about my failed attempts with YoYoFactory. I love everything about this throw and find myself throwing it at least once a day. So in the end, I'll work some overtime for the BOSS any day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Comeback Kid: Symptoms + Cures, Review

After waiting 3 years from their last Hardcore masterpiece “Broadcasting”, Symptoms + Cures is here. This album is everything I would expect from CBK. Fast oldschool riffs, diddle fast beats, and fronted by one of the best voices in Hardcore today. Once again I am in love with another CBK CD and refuse to take it out of my CD player. If you are into fast, fun Hardcore, I would suggest  picking up this CD or checking them out next time they are in your area.   

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome to the breakdown!!!!!

Welcome friends!!!! I'm hoping for this to be the first of many, many posts of all kinds of tantalizing information. In the next passing weeks I will be posting both information and reviews for such things as YoYo's, Music, Movies, and all other kinds of crap-o-la that maybe spinning in my head for that day. As for right now, this is still under construction and posting will be a little on the slow side. So in the meantime, pleas stay tuned for the insanity to start!

Xminus mikeX