Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Duncan + YoYoJam = Me very happy!!! I'm hoping to see the same with YoYoFactory!

Duncan Toys Company has reached an agreement allowing YoYoJam to manufacture and market yo-yos that include Duncan’s patented counterweight style of play!
With this agreement, YoYoJam becomes the first official licensee of this style of counterweight play within the yo-yo market.
“On the heels of a successful World Yo-Yo Competition where YoYoJam team member Takeshi Matsuura placed first in the counterweight division, it made perfect sense to partner with Duncan to launch YoYoJam counterweight play yo-yos”
–Valerie Aaron, YoYoJam’s Vice President.
Duncan holds US Patent 6,371,824 titled “Yo-Yo and Method for Using a Yo-Yo”. This method of yo-yo play created in 1999 by National Yo-Yo Master Steve Brown is performed by attaching a counterweight to the end of a yo-yo string allowing the player to perform tricks without the yo-yo attached to the finger. It has revolutionized yo-yo play and has grown to become one of the most exciting divisions (5A) in national and world competition.
“We at Duncan, are proud to have YoYoJam as our first licensee of the counterweight patent and look forward to working with them to continue to grow what has become the 5A style of competition yo-yo play. YoYoJam’s reputation for innovative, high quality yo-yos will provide more choices for players to experience Duncan’s patented style of play”
–Mike Burke, Duncan’s National Sales and Marketing Manager.

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  1. HELL yes to this. You can't just "own" 5A when you don't have anyone that can compete in it!